Borrow Against Gemstones & Diamonds

Capital Release provides loans against your gemstones & diamonds. If you need to raise cash fast; don’t want to get a high street loan, or maybe you have bad credit, we can help. All loans are fast, secure and there are no credit checks. We have representatives across London and the rest of the United Kingdom. Our trusted experts will assess your gemstones & diamonds and offer you a cash loan based on its current market value.

We provide loans against diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds.

Loans Against Gemstones & Diamonds Across London And The United Kingdom.

We have a highly experienced team of valuers who are experts in gemstones & diamonds. Our team has a vast knowledge of the current market values.



If you accept the offer, funds are then transferred into your bank account once our due diligence checks are completed, the assets are securely stored and the loan contract is signed. The loan term is for 6 months and can be renewed.


Loans Against Gemstones & Diamonds

Should you redeem the loan before the end of the loan term there are no early redemption fees and no early exit fees other than our minimum period of 28 days.

Capital Release will only charge interest for the period of which the loan is outstanding.  So should you decide to pay off the loan within 90 days, you only pay the interest for this period. Our interest is charged daily. It really is a fast easy way to get a cash loan against your gemstones & diamonds.

Your items are securely stored until the loan is repaid in full, payable anytime, after which your item(s) will be returned to you.


By entering into a loan with Capital-Release you will agree to repay (at the end of the contract term) the capital and interest set out in the documentation provided to you which you should read carefully.  Pledged assets are security for the loan and are at risk of disposal if you do not redeem them at the end of the contract term.